Market Share & Strategy Shift

“Steve Kolowich summarized the situation in this morning’s Inside Higher Ed article (and it is worth reading the whole article).

While Blackboard has watched its share of campuswide LMS adoptions among U.S. nonprofit colleges fall from 71 percent to 50.6 percent in the last five years, Moodle has seen its own share grow from 4.2 percent to 19.2 percent over the same period, according to the Campus Computing Project.

Factoring in Sakai, which has grown at a slower clip (though its clients tend to be larger), open-source platforms now serve more than a quarter of nonprofit colleges. [snip]

Blackboard said it will continue supporting the Angel Learning platform, which it acquired in 2009, indefinitely…

I wrote about this market share decrease last summer (you can read the full post here), but the key point is that I believe that Blackboard has been losing at least 150 LMS clients per year, and a high percentage of the losses are driven by the end-of-life for their legacy WebCT and ANGEL customers.”

source: e-Literate


Check the LMS Evaluation Matrix


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