The New LMS Product: You

Ms. Audrey Watters contends that Bb’s likely intent behind Moodleroom/NetSpot acquisition is to go after the BIG educational data that it intends to mine for the intelligence that is embedded in it…greater the volume, better the intelligence.

Interesting insights about how Blackboard might leverage the acquisitions to build Analytic services around the BIG data generated from  Moodleroom and Netspot.
But “doesn’t generating such intelligence with data coming from high volume customers and selling it those who can afford to pay pose a predicament for Blackboard?” – will it alienate the high volume customers?
On the other hand if this intelligence is available to ALL customers then isnt it commodotized already? – so by definition not actionable intelligence anymore.  Wouldn’t the premium customers demand something that is truly premium!
I think this is a unique situation as Blackboard now has customers in both high end & low end of the market segment.  Those who can generate needed data volumes and those who cannot.  Those who can pay premium prices versus those who cannot.
This dichotomy will force Blackboard to think in multiple dimensions when designing Analytic offerings – service design, pricing, manage customer expectations etc.
It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds.

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